104 - Introduction to Thoroughbred Risk & Protective Factors

Introduction to Thoroughbred Risk & Protective Factors is the fourth continuing education course in the Advanced Horsemanship program provided by the Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit at no cost to users or racing commissions. In this course, you will learn about:

    • Importance of Risk & Protective Factors
    • Definition of Risk & Protective Factors
    • Misconceptions of Risk
    • Importance of the Fetlock Joint in Risk Management
    • The Role of Pre-Existing and Recurrent Injuries in Risk Management
    • Utilization of Risk & Protective Factors


Advanced Horsemanship Objectives

The objectives of this Advanced Horsemanship course are to:

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness about risk and protective factors and how they impact the training and management of Thoroughbred racehorses
  • Inform you on the importance of the fetlock joint and pre-existing and recurrent injuries when it comes to risk management
  • Provide you ways in which you can utilize risk and protective factors in your daily care and training practices



Course Instructions

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Course Completion

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