107 - Bisphosphonates in Racehorses

Bisphosphonates in  Racehorses ​ was developed by Dr. Larry Bramlage in conjuction with UCDavis and the California Horse Racing Board. Participants will learn what Bisphosphonates​ are and how they affect the bone development in a racehorse.


Advanced Horsemanship Objectives

The objectives of this Advanced Horsemanship course are to:

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness about Bisphosphonates
  • Inform you on the mechanicism of bone modeling and remodeling
  • Provide information relating to the potential affects in the racing horse

Course Instructions

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Course Completion

After fully viewing the course you will be asked to re-enter your name and email address and select the racing commissions you wish to notify. The final verification of information will ensure your selected racing commissions are notified of your course completion.

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